If your question is not listed below, please email us at contact@namebadger.io.

Printed name badges are the wrong size!

Most printers have an option called "fit to page", which adds a margin around the printed page. This options shrinks the content to fit inside the page. If this option is enabled, the printed name badges will be smaller than the chosen badge size. To solve this problem, make sure to uncheck the "fit to page" checkbox in the options before printing your name badges.

I want a design that is not available in the name badge templates.

We are always happy to take on suggestions and make new name badge templates that suit the needs of our users. Send us an email at contact@namebadger.io describing how you want your name badges to look. If the name badge template is of a more advanced design than can be handled by our name badge creator, we can always create a customized name badge template for you.

I can't make a payment.

We are using Stripe as our payment provider, and thus we support the same credit cards that Stripe support. If your credit card is not supported or you want another payment option, send us an email describing which payment method would be best for you and we will help you solve it.

I can't add my logo.

Logo-files can have a multitude of different file formats, we support the most common ones. If you encounter a problem where the logo in your name badges shows as a black box or not at all, it is most likely because it is of a different formats than those we currently support. In that case, send us an email with your logo attached and we will fix the problem for you, either by uptdating the service to support your format or by converting your logo to a supported format.

The name badges are not as I expected. I want a refund.

We are continously working to improve our service to best suit the needs of our users. However, when it comes to name badges, we understand that different people have different needs and expectations.

If you are not satisfied with our service and want to make a refund, send us an email at contact@namebadger.io, describing your problem and how the service failed to meet your expectations, and we will give you a refund and try our best to solve the problem in the future.