Print your own name tags

February 01, 2018 by Joakim Lustig

Print name tag

You can get name tags for your event in two ways, either you order name tags from a reseller or you print your own name tags. People often see it as ordering name tags instead of printing their own is easier, since the reseller take care of both creating and printing the name tags for them. But this is most often not the case, especially not since creating name tags is so easy.

Order name tags

If you order name tags from a reseller, sure they take care of the creating and printing for you, but you still have to find a reseller with a design you like (and lets be honest, most of them look horrible) and pay them a rather steep rate to print and ship your name tags. Then you have to wait for a few days up to several weeks for them to ship to you and either go to their delivery pickup location closest to you or pay an even steeper rate for direct delivery. When you finally got the name tags in your hands, they may be not be what you expected and wanted, and you have no way of verifying this before you actually have them.

So I would say that this isn't as easy as it sounds at first. Oh wait, I forgot, what happens when you have a late registrant the evening before the event or during the event? You don't have time to order new name tags from a reseller in time for the event, so you have to scribble their name on a white piece of paper. Not very professional.

These are the main hassles we and our users have encountered when ordering name tags for events from resellers.

Print name tags

If you instead print your own name tags, you don't have to to pay the steep rates of name tag resellers or wait for your name tags to be shipped to you. You are also in full control of the end product and can even preview each and every badge before you pay for them.

There are two ways you can print your name tags, either you make your own templates or you use a name tag creator online.

If you make your own templates in for example Word, you can make the design look however you want it to. But it comes at a cost, it actually takes a suprising amount of time to create a template and copy-pasting each name into it, time which event organizers most often don't have. We have talked to event organizers wasting hours if not days in this tedious process.

The other option is to use a name tag creator to help you with the most time consuming parts of the name tag creation. That way you still have the freedom to customize your badges to suit your needs. You also save a lot of the time it would have taken you to create a name tag template and copy-pasting the names into it. At the same time saving money that could be better used on improving your event.

Our hope is that Namebadger can help you by making the name tag creation process as easy as possible. Go ahead and try our name tag creator.

Joakim Lustig
Software Developer & Event Organizer